One project of the Lower 9th Ward Collaborative is bringing participatory budgeting to the community.

Upcoming meetings:

June 28, 6:00 East New Orleans Library (Read Branch)

July 7, 6:00 NENA 1123 Lamanche St.

July 9, 10:00 a.m. NENA 1123 Lamanche St.

Join us for community information sessions on the Lower 9th Ward Participatory Budgeting process!


What is participatory budgeting (PB)?

PB is a different way to manage money in a community. It’s a democratic process in which community  members directly decide how to spend part of a pot of money. PB gives ordinary people real decision-making power over real money. In most cities, a PB process uses public money from a city budget. Here in New Orleans, we take things in our own hands. The funds for Lower 9 PB were privately raised to be decided upon by YOU.


Here’s how a typical process works:

  • Neighborhood Assemblies: Community members learn about how much money is available and local needs, then brainstorm spending ideas and select leaders to represent the ideas.
  • Delegate Meetings: With help from your neighbors, develop project proposals based on your ideas from the neighborhood assemblies.
  • Voting: Once your ideas are finalized, the entire community can vote on which ideas will win.
  • Project Implementation: The winning ideas are created!


Where has it worked?

PB processes have been successful in giving citizens a voice in spending in their communities around the world since 1989. Over 1,500 cities around the world use PB to make decisions, including seven here in the United States including Boston, New York City, Chicago, Long Beach, CA, Vallejo, CA, and San Francisco. The Lower 9th Ward is leading the way for PB in the southern US– and is the first community EVER to hold their own PB process independent of city government.


Why PB?

For too long, the Lower 9th Ward has been left out of conversation about the redevelopment, or lack of development, in their community. Through PB, Lower 9th Ward residents can come together to decide how to spend funds that directly effect their quality of life.


Want to know more? 

Check out this video on how New Yorkers have come together to spend public money through PB: